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Growing up in Norridge, some of my favorite memories revolve around spending my summer vacation at the Norridge Pool with my friends. The pool is a very important part of Norridge where residents can bring their families, meet new friends, and enjoy the summer days.
Chris O’Leary, Norridge Resident
The pool is the heart of our community’s summer. For 60 years the sights and sounds of enjoyment has resonated from the pool. We look forward to providing our community with what they want, a safe, fun summer at their pool.
Dorothy Ellsworth, Board Member, Norridge Park District
Raising our three children in Norridge, we spent most of our free time at the Park. From the Pre School/Day Care Program to the many athletic programs. The one area our family has enjoyed every summer is the pool. Norridge Park is Truly the hub of our community!
Bill Larson, Norridge Resident

Pool History & Future

Built in 1962 and last renovated in 2008, the Norridge Park District Community Pool is failing due to mechanical and structural deficiencies and in need of a replacement in order to continue to meet the needs of its residents.

In August 2019, the Park District commissioned an assessment of the pool by Councilman-Hunsacker which revealed the facility was well beyond its lifespan (a typical pool lasts 25-30 years) and that it was not advisable to continue to make any repairs and improvements to the existing structure.

Since repairs would cost an estimated $2.4M and only address current issues – not those likely to continue to arise given the age of the pool – the most fiscally responsible solution is to replace the pool.

The selected replacement concept improves upon the existing pool structure by including an updated water filtration system, safety-compliant structures that meet IDPH Compliance and Model Aquatic Health Code standards, adherence to ADA Accessibility Standards, and much more.

The new pool would allow the Park District to make programming available that wasn’t previously offered, such as regulation competitive swim meets, lap swim for all ages, additional safe swim lessons, expanded water fitness activities, new Special Needs programming, special events and increased rental opportunities.

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